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Customer Feedback Form

Thank you for booking us for your event! We are all about managing customer expectations, and we want to make sure that we meet and exceed your needs. We would greatly appreciate you taking a few moments to answer the below questions so we can continue to improve.

Thank you again for choosing Needle in the Haystack!

May we use your first name & comments in our promotional materials?
May we use photos in our scrapbook, website, and on our Facebook page?

Thank you for your feedback! We look forward to improving your next

 Needle in the Haystack experience.

Recent Customer Feedback

"I have kept up with the planner (that was provided upon booking at Needle in the Haystack, LLC)! I really like this, it is small and compact so I can take it wherever and keep up with it. I think it hits all the main points! I wouldn't change anything! I think it's SUPER nice that you guys even give things like this out. I must say, you guys are amazing. I can't express how thankful we are that we get to work with such a great team! I knew when I stepped foot in the venue 'that was it!' but you suggested we tour others since yours was our first one. Who does that? But, it just shows you have your best interest in us, not just to be booked. I truly appreciate that! I appreciate you being so prompt with emails, phone calls, texts, and meetings! You are very thorough and will explain or show us anything. We appreciate you always taking the time for us! I can't wait for our special day at your venue!"     -- Karly, a 2023 Bride.

2022 - Executive Director, Fulton Co. Chamber of Commerce

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2021 - Mother of the Bride

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